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Bad choice, Doctor!

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Thank you, Matt Smith.

It’s almost 12
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BREAKING: British Burn Washington ... 2 Centuries Ago


this is freakin’ adorable

little radio drama moment <33

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Happy CapalDay!

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"Though the Smith era relied heavily on serialization (though perhaps not as much as, say, the Tom Baker era), callbacks and drawn out arcs, the true brilliance of the Eleventh Doctor could often be best revealed in relatively self-contained stories. "Vincent and the Doctor" has its relationship to other episodes, of course, but you can happily watch it all by itself and be just as entertained, and just as moved. There’s a remarkably pure quality to this episode, as both The Doctor and Amy see their own torment in Vincent (played wonderfully by Tony Curran), and realize that, while you can’t save everyone, you can make life a bit brighter for even a doomed, broken person. That’s a powerful message for this little adventure, and its final scene…well, if you don’t get teary, I have to question if you’re human.”

Source: Salute the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who by marathoning these 11 essential episodes

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Commander David Scott drops a hammer and a falcon feather on the Moon’s surface to prove Galileo’s idea that all objects fall at the same time. That is easier to prove on the Moon because it has no atmosphere, allowing literal “free falling” as there is no air resistance. Moon’s gravity is approximately 1/6 of Earth’s. (Look how slow the objects fall!)

"Mr. Galileo was correct"

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Apollo 15 Genesis Rock, acquired from the Moon in 1971.
It s at least 4 billion years old, older than the Earth itself.

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