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President-elect Abraham Lincoln (Martin Starr) and his security detail, Allan Pinkerton (Charlie Day). Best not to make any sudden movements. #DrunkHistory #AlwaysSunny #Baltimore #AbeLincoln (x)

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The Eagle Has Landed, The Flight of Apollo 11, 1969

Through television, motion picture and still photography, this film provides an “eye-witness” perspective of the Apollo 11 mission that put a human on the moon in July 1969.

Read about the moon landing and all the activity surrounding Apollo’s mission with an article from Prologue’s archives:

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"Do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion. And that’s nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars-you just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years. And every single one of them at some point in their lives will look back at this man taking that very first step, and they will never ever forget it."

                                   Doctor Who “Day Of The Moon”

Happy 45th Anniversary of the first-ever Moonwalk!  Thanks Buzz & Mike. RIP, Neil.  And well said, Doctor.

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Check out this archived footage of CBS’ coverage of man’s first landing on the moon.

Today we see computer simulations of the spacecraft based on live data transmitted back to mission control. Not so in 1969. Everything you see is either a model or an animated sequence based on events that are guessing where they are and what the lander is doing. It’s quite fascinating.

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Apollo 11 Enters Lunar Orbit & Begin to Prepare for 1st Lunar Landing (19 July 1969) 

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"However, I think we’re going to do it, and I think that we must pay what needs to be paid. I don’t think we ought to waste any money, but I think we ought to do the job. And this will be done in the decade of the sixties. It may be done while some of you are still here at school at this college and university. It will be done during the term of office of some of the people who sit here on this platform. But it will be done. And it will be done before the end of this decade.”

~President Kennedy talking about putting a man on the moon, Rice University, Houston, Texas 1962

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45 years ago, three astronauts blasted off on a mission to put man on the moon.

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45 years ago today a Saturn V rocket carrying 3 astronauts left the surface of the Earth. Designated Apollo 11, it was the sixth time three people strapped themselves to a Saturn rocket, the fifth successful manned flight of the Apollo program, the third time humans would orbit the Moon, the second time they would descend to 15.6 km above the Moon’s surface, and the first time they would continue their descent to land in the Sea of Tranquility.

Liftoff! #Apollo11 #Apollo45

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On this day in history July 16, 1969: Apollo 11 takes off for the Moon. The Apollo 11 space rocket launched into space successfully from Cape Kennedy, Florida, to start the mission to land a man on the Moon.

Left to right: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin

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“Apollo 11 is your secret weapon?”

“No, no, it’s not Apollo 11; that would be silly. It’s Neil Armstrong’s foot!”

Doctor Who S6 E2: “Day Of The Moon.”

Happy 45th Anniversary of the blastoff of Apollo 11!